Some of the databases I work with would support this as 'between' on two
text fields that are sortable alphabetically - I'd give that a try.

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        Subject: [PHP-DB] Converting "text" fields to "integer" in
queries with ODBC connection to an MS Access file

        Hi list,
        I wonder if anyone can help me out here. I'm pulling some data
from an MS
        Access file using the ODBC driver provided with Windows NT 4.0
        (Option pack, and SP6a applied), and want to limit the result
set with a
        where clause like this one:
                ... WHERE (PARTNUMBER > 370100000) AND (PARTNUMBER <
        Now - the problem here is that the "PARTNUMBER" field is defined
as a "text"
        field in the access file (even though it holds only numbers),
and since I'm
        not the one maintaining the access base, I can't change that. So
I tried
        converting the field to an INTEGER field using the CONVERT()
function in my
        query. But this function is not supported by the ODBC driver.
        Does anyone know how I can convert the value of as "text" field
to an
        "integer" type field so I can do >/< clauses in my query?
        Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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