Access has to be running on a Winders machine.  At least the drivers. 
 Another option might be to migrate the data, and use ODBC and linked 
tables to let Access still work temporarily, but really have the data 
already transitioned.

Otherwise it is a weird linked ODBC bouncing off a Windows machine on 
the way to the data.

Chris Andrew wrote:

>Until we completely migrate an application from M$ Access to PHP/MySQL, I
>need to figure out a way to temporarily query an Access DB from PHP/MySQL.
>I am aware of this article on PHP Builder:
>which discusses using ODBC Socket Servers, but the article assumes the M$
>Access db is on a winblows machine. In my case, the Access DB is on a Linux
>machine (served thru' Samba - isn't Linux great...  :-)
>Anyways - could someone offer me some advice - all I need is some some
>simple SELECT queries on the Access tables.
>Many Thanks,

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