1.      You can't do it without causing the screen to flicker, unless
         you use...  Nope, that won't work.  Never mind.  The problem is
         that once the page is loaded into the browser, there is no way
         to change the content of the page based on server data without
         refreshing the page.  It doesn't work.  You could use a META
         refresh, but that would cause the flicker.  Because PHP lives on
         the server and is not interpreted by the browser, you're stuck.

2.      You failed to include a link to your page.

3.      Could you change the background color in your e-mail?  The
         bright yellow makes my eyes melt.

At 11:21 AM 11/15/2001, kelvin wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>      I wrote a program which retrieved Username from DB every 2 or 4 second.
>So, I used DHTML and PHP plus DB.
>      Well, I have to use DHTML because the user don't want to see the screen
>flicker. Ok. Here is my program, but it didn't worked at all.
>     Could any one help me out please, I'll very appreicate.
>               P.S ----  if you click on view source from browser after gen.
>the code, it shown username on $toOut, but nothing display.

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