I mostly agree, although I prefer PostgreSQL for the transactions, 
better row locking, and server side cursors.  It also does better with 
lotsa users (if the data isn't just used for the web, this is 
important).  I have used many languages for this stuff, and the one with 
the best balance of functionality, extensibility, and ease of use is PHP 
(I have used CF, ASP, Miva/HTMLScript, PERL, C, COBOL, Shell also)

BTW, COBOL on the web is weird.  ASP is the worst of them all.

Sheridan Saint-Michel wrote:

>I use PHP/MySQL for a few reasons.

>On the other hand, having to write in languages where you have strict types
>(You want to treat a variable as an int and then as a string?!?!?!?) and
>very structured design is just as distasteful to me.  PHP strikes a very
>good balance between the two even when working with MySQL (I won't paste any
>of the kludge needed to interface with CGI and DB in other languages... but
>if you have some free time look some of these programs up).
>Sheridan Saint-Michel
>Website Administrator
>FoxJet, an ITW Company

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