> Anyone got a clue for this piece of "bad luck"?
> I'm on win2k pro + IIS5 +php4.0.6 cgi installation. It works fine
> untill I try to load php_interbase.dll extension and this is how it goes:
> "Unable to load dynamic library '...' - The specified procedure
> could not be found". Three points stand for:
>     ./ (this one is by default),
>     d:\php,
>     d:\php\extensions,
>     d:\winnt and
>     d:\winnt\system32,
> wherever I choose to put the dll. Those folders where declared in
> the above fashion and with/without quotes, with slash/backslash.
> ( other *.ini-s, for example, to assign folders don't use quotes and
> use \ instead of /) - ( Of course I had Interbase server running all the
> time.),
> and I wasn't lazy to reboot the system every time...
> Now count the combinations...
> Tiresome...
> Does anybody know how to solve this?

Hi Zoran

Is it possibly an issue with PHP.INI. From mine:-

; Paths and Directories ;

; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
;extension_dir = ./
extension_dir = C:/program files/php/extensions

; Whether or not to enable the dl() function.  The dl() function does NOT work
; properly in multithreaded servers, such as IIS or Zeus, and is automatically
; disabled on them.
enable_dl = On


; Dynamic Extensions ;

;Windows Extensions
;Note that MySQL and ODBC support is now built in, so no dll is needed for it.

Uncomment the last (shown) line and place the .dll in the extension_dir directory.

Hope it helps,

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