A couple of questions:

> INSERT INTO traits  VALUES("Added Chemicals",LAST_INSERT_ID(),"Sugar");

1. Will LAST_INSERT_ID() work reliably in a multi-user environment? What happens if 
in the middle of inserting a dozen records and someone else inserts a record? Does 
keep the LAST_INSERT_ID()s separate (since the web application will see both 
as being done by the same "user")?

2. Is there any benefit to having a 3rd table to keep track of "characteristic"s ? I 
that quesiton is best answered by examining the business needs. If the characteristics 
few and don't change often, it seems to me that you'd want a 3rd table to keep them. 
way, the spelling is similar, etc, and therefore you can do (accurate) queries based on
the characteristics (if the need ever came up)

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> CREATE TABLE products(
> product_id int auto_increment primary key,
> description char(50) default "",
> quantity int not null,
> unit enum ("each","lb","ounce","gallon","quart"),
> price decimal(5,2) not null
> )
> CREATE TABLE traits(
> characteristic char(25) default "",
> product_id int,
> description char(25)
> )
> In the above example, when you wanted to add  a characteristic for a
> particular product, you simply add a record into traits and set
> traits.product_id equal to products.product_id.  This will make it REAL EASY
> doing joins on this combo as well.  For example:
> INSERT INTO products VALUES(NULL, "Coca Cola",1,"ounce",0.39);
> INSERT INTO traits  VALUES("Liquid",LAST_INSERT_ID(),"Seltzer-based");
> INSERT INTO traits  VALUES("Added Chemicals",LAST_INSERT_ID(),"Sugar");
> INSERT INTO traits  VALUES("Added Chemicals",LAST_INSERT_ID(),"Brown Dye");
> INSERT INTO traits  VALUES("Added Chemicals",LAST_INSERT_ID(),"Caramel
> coloring");

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