well, thank you very much to all by the aid and the advice!!
I am going to see that it happens

 Lilian                            mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

matt> always make sure you restrict what can be uploaded though! only allow file
matt> extensions that you know are safe! otherwise people might do nasty things to
matt> your server!

matt> -----Original Message-----
matt> From: Jonathan Hilgeman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
matt> Sent: 16 November 2001 16:29
matt> To: 'Lilian Salazar'; [EMAIL PROTECTED]
matt> Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] Upload

matt> Hola Lilian,
matt> You might want to check http://phpclasses.upperdesign.com and search for
matt> "upload."

matt> - BUT -

matt> I have found it much easier and simpler to just to use my own code when
matt> doing uploads. It is really simple, since most of the work is done by the
matt> browser and the server programs. To add an upload function just create 2
matt> pages:

matt> -----------------------------------------------------------
matt> page1.html      (Can be located anywhere, even on your desktop)
matt> <FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" ACTION="http://www.mysite.com/page2.php";
matt> <INPUT TYPE="File" NAME="NewUpload">
matt> <INPUT TYPE="Submit">
matt> </FORM>
matt> -----------------------------------------------------------

matt> -----------------------------------------------------------
matt> page2.php       (Should be at http://www.mysite.com/page2.php)
matt> <?
matt> copy($NewUpload, "/directory/to/put/uploaded/file/into/" . $NewUpload_name);
matt> -----------------------------------------------------------

matt> - Jonathan

matt> -----Original Message-----
matt> From: Lilian Salazar [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
matt> Sent: Friday, November 16, 2001 8:09 AM
matt> Subject: [PHP-DB] Upload

matt> Hi,

matt>   Exists some component that allows to do upload from archives to the
matt>   Web server? Where it could find it? Somebody knows?
matt>   The ideal would be that it served so much for Apache as for IIS. The
matt>   Database is Oracle 8i
matt>   Thank you very much.

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