> >Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address
> >tcp        1      0 burner.com:4848         burner.com:mysql        CLOSE
> [munge-alert!]

Hmm, looks like my pastes got whacked.  Oops.

> nope, if you leave it going for awhile nothing out of the ordinary
> the socket will be reused (when it's time is up).
> the reason it doesn't "go away" until Apache is closed is that this is
> socket, and not MySQL's, as the forreign address is the :mysql.

OK, thanks -- I did some rapid refreshes of a page and indeed, the 'CLOSED'
state sockets ultimately are being recycled.  I guess I just wasn't getting
the same httpd process that had them open before, because at one point I had
about 5 of these sockets hanging around while new connections continued to

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