Thx guys for your suggestions. My question probably wasn't worded as good as
it could be. Here's the situation,

I have a small php app that I'm building to display, insert, edit, etc...
various types of code snipits (asp, php, html, etc...) in a db. I also have
a download option that creates a text file with the code that they've

I have 2 problems...the first is that when I go to view the text file I have
all sorts of <BR> tags within the text, this is due to the nl2br function I
used prior to the db insertion. How would I get rid of those?

The seond problem is when a user goes to view an html code example, say with
a hyperlink, the hyperlink is made active replacing the code with the actual
<a href> tag.

Sorry for not being clear with my first post.

Cheers, Joe

"Joe Van Meer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi there...I have a db filled with various HTML code examples, tags,
> how would I format it so that it would appear like <A
> One</a>. I was using the strip_tags() function and quickly found out that
> this wasn't the best way to do it :)
> Cheers, Joe:)

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