According to the docs and everything I've seen with PHP and persistent 
connections, you don't have to close the connection since PHP will 
simply reuse.

Joshua Hoover

> Howdy--I have a question about persistent connections and their 
> behavior:
> Apache 1.3.2 / PHP 4.0.6 - as a module
> Win2k
> I call the following function:
> odbc_pconnect("dsn", "user", "pass");
> At the end of the script I do NOT call odbc_close($dbConn);
> I was doing some testing and ran into a:
> Maximum number of processes exceeded etc.. etc.. etc..
> This is in relation to the persistent connections.  Now the question 
> is, does ODBC_CLOSE really close the connection?  Or another way of 
> asking is, does ODBC_PCONNECT look for a use an existing connection, or 
> does it launch another one?
> Should I close the connection and not worry about it?
> Thanks

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