On Monday 19 November 2001 20:27, Vincent Ma wrote:
> Hi everybody:
>   I would like to ask why the error occur when retrieve current sequence
> number.  Eg. "select currval('student_id_seq')" is not working, and warning
> prompt "student_id_seq.currval is not yet defined in this session".
> However, this is work for the "select nextval()";
> do anyone know how to get current sequence number, in php.  Thank for your
> help
> Vincent Ma

The problem here is that it looks like you have NOT inserted a record into 
the DB yet, therefore, you don't have a current value to get. 

currval gets the last inserted id number for this connection.  nextval will 
get the value that will be used next.  

If you are trying to get a id number for insertion (i.e. not using the 
automatic insert) that nextval is the one you should use.

NOTE:  If you are using transactions and do a rollback, you will have holes 
in your sequences.

Hope this helps.


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