would be much easier to answer this question if we knew what
OS is running MYSQL.
I use linux and use cron for most MYSQL stuff.
My pc is NT and for that I use AT.
for win2k Professional, I believe there is a graphical version of AT.

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> Harpreet wrote:
> > I have run JOBs in sql server and was wondering if we have ne thign
> > in mysql or use PHP to write a script that would automatically run
every 10
> > minutes.
> Unix has cron: 'man crontab'
> I think Win2k has it included.  Otherwise you will have to get an add-on
> service.

AFAIK there is only 'at' and not 'cron' to be had from the command line.
You could also achieve the desired result using 'at', I guess, but the
action list would become a pain to maintain, and it would also be a
serious abuse of the utility (IMHO, that is).

Your best bet is probably to hunt around for a freeware utility. There's
bound to be something somewhere on the net.



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