After many weeks of development, and despite the lack of free time
mostly due to the birth of my son, it was released a new version of
Metabase - the PHP abstraction to develop database independent

The main new feature is the full support to the creation and access to
table fields of type BLOB (Binary Large OBject) that as you know serves
the purpose of storing large ammounts of data that usually is stored in
files. This capacity is implemented in a fully portable way, which is
the style of Metabase, that works seeminglessly with all supported
databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL , Oracle, Informix, Interbase and

The main manual and tutorial documents were updated to teach you on how
to use this new capacity.

Another change is the distribution license that is now fully compliant
on the BSD style license which is officially approved as an Open Source
license. From now on it is clear that Metabase may be freely used and
distributed, including within Linux distributions and applications,
including commercial ones.

Metabase may be freely downloaded from this site as usual.


For those that would like to meet me and live near Germany, I will be
attending the PHP Conference.

Manuel Lemos

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