> $filename = 'kunden/'.$name.'.png';

I see this all the time and I'm curious:  what takes more
computing power (granted, either would be incredibly little
I'm sure, just curious which requires more work by PHP)?


$filename = "this " . $varname . " that";

or this:

$filename = "this $varname that";

I would think the latter example but am not sure.

Another question, but this is more about personal style:

I almost always use the latter method in my coding practices.  It 
looks cleaner and, IMO, is easier to follow especially when there 
are a number of variables involved.  For those that use the former 
method, why do you?  I'm not trying to be judgemental, just curious
why people do what they do.  In asking, I may actually learn some-
thing. :p


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