Dear group,

    First off let me say, "Bare with me."  I am a total PHP newbie.. I have
managed to build a web site that includes a database..  I am using Apache
1.3.somthing(whatever the current stable is) with MySQL on winXP. The thing
that I am having trouble with is when I try to list data, Internet Explorer
errors out.  On my machine the server Internet Explorer doesn't recieve the
entire page and tries to reload it indefinately.  On remote machines it
errors out and says "Could not load page, Internal Error in Microsoft
Internet Extensions"

    If I limit the number of records returned to 10 or 15 it works fine on
the server, but still errors on remote machines..   If I limit the records
to 3 or 4 it works fine period.    Apache seems to serve HTML docs just fine
no matter what the size.  So I am assuming it is either PHP setup, mySQL
setup or my programming. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

You can take a look and see what I mean,
Thank You
Richard Marriner

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