Im managing a really crowded webservers. We have article system implemented
in php and backend db is mysql (not my first choise but hey, it does the

Few version numbers:

PHP: 4.0.6 (Self compiled, w/ gcc in solaris8)
Mysql: 3.23.24 (Self compiled, w/ gcc in solaris8, ok, not the latest
stable but i dont think this is the real problem)
Apache: 1.3.22 (Self compiled w/ no other 3rd party modules besides php)

Our code uses pconnects throuout the whole site. Website is ran from 6
different sparc solaris boxes and one db box is serving them all. This
mysql has connection limit in 750 and all apache servers have following
three lines in their php.ini:


Afaik (mysql.max_links - mysql.max_persistent)  is how many nonpersistent
connection i can have (in this case, 20 per server). And i have 50
persistent. So, i have 6 servers with 50 persistent connections and
all pconnects are to same db with same account so there should be
available connections in the pool.

BUT. After 5 minutes or less (depending on the time/load) all connections
hang because php has  used *all* available connections in mysql server
(which is 750). I cant image how this is possible. I have 70 connections
per server, 6 servers, thats 420 max connectios, that should leave with
with 330 spare ones but now. Everything is used up. Even if i would have
50+70 connections (120*6=720) per server, i would still have 30 spare ...

So, only solution for me is to set mysql connection timeouts to really
low (20 seconds, when default value is 8 hours). And this leads me to
*huge* error logs. For example, i just deleted few months old mysql log
which was over 2 gigs.

I have few ideas. Are these limits in php, per process or per whole
process tree ? Sounds to me that they are per process or pconnect still
has really nasty bugs in it.

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