Eric Liedtke wrote:

> I am running PHP/Apache. I have installed unixODBC and inlinks tds 
> driver. I can succesfully connect and query an MS SQL db from the isql 
> command line testing tool provided with unixODBC. I recompiled php 
> with unixODBC support and it compiled and installed without a problem. 
> So it was onto writing the php. I can connect query and close the DB 
> fine. However my query results always have 1 of 2 things. Either they 
> are empty or the contain gibberish. At this point I don't know where 
> to start troubleshooting the breakdown. Any help would be greatly 
> appreciated. I don't know what info anyone might need from me, but 
> will be more than happy to provide it. Thanks in advance.
> Eric Liedtke
> p.s. on a google search I found only one other mention of this in a 
> dbforum website. sadly there were no replies to the posting there.
I just wanted to drop a note out that I got my problem fixed. This is what I did to 
fix it...


at the begining of the php script. Specifically the LD_LIBRARY_PATH did
it. Without it I get garbage. I have no idea why and would be curious if
there is any other solution, but regardless I just thought I'd point this
out. This actually came out of the example script in the iODBC php howto
page on
Just and fyi
Eric Liedtke

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