> is there any documentation on how to use the database independent API
> with PHP (you know this DB.php located usually in
> /usr/local/lib/php/DB) ??

PEAR-DB that you found currently does not offer you great database
independence, it is just an API that lets you use the same class
functions to interface with different databases, but you still have to
deal with database differences in your applications. For instance,
different database represent date values formatted differently.

Fortunately there is a PHP database abstraction package named Metabase
that takes care of things like that and more for you, so you don't have
to deal with them by introducing database specific code in your
application. For instance, Metabase makes sure that any date values
going back and forth to the database are formatted according the
ISO-9601 standard (YYYY-MM-DD).

Metabase is a very mature database abstraction and unlike PEAR-DB it is
throughly documented for your joy. Metabase manual not only tells you
how to use it but also teaches about important concepts like
transactions, prepared queries and blobs (files in the database) among
other things.

Metabase offers even more than this but I think it is better for you to
learn about it by yourself. Metabase is an Open Source packages that is
freely available from here:
http://phpclasses.UpperDesign.com/browse.html/package/20 .

Manuel Lemos

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