At 10:32 AM 11/23/2001 +0800, ahakim wrote:
>hi world,
>i running php402 + mysql3.23.24beta  on pc 800mhz win98.
>when pc hang was occured, then many tables in mysql
>was corrupted.
>i always use  'repair tables' command, but can't recover
>all record in that table.
>Anyone can help me to solve this problem.

"Repair tables" can only work with what it can find, it's not magic. Your 
last backup is your best friend. For the future, do this:

Change operating systems to something more rugged, Windows 2000 or XP if 
you want to stay in the Windows world, Linux or BSD if you want to switch 
to the *nix world. These will allow you to issue mysqldump on a timed basis 
so that data is regularly backed up. They are also secure, W98 isn't. They 
are also more likely to stay up and not crash. Depending on your level of 
comfort, I'd really recommend Linux because of the incredible depth of support.

If you are running Windows98 as web server you effectively have nothing in 
the way of security or protection, and by extension any other networked 
computer attached is vulnerable.

Make daily backups of your database.

If you want to use MySQL, don't run a beta, run a stable version.

Change to PostgreSQL if you want a more robust database. A bit slower than 
MySQL, but much more rugged. The latest version does away with all of the 
traditional complaints associated with PGSQL.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but good luck.

Miles Thompson

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