Hello all,

I have the following code:

/* construct the query */
        $the_sql = "SELECT inv.at_id FROM invoice_items inv, customer cus WHERE 
inv.client_id = cus.client_id AND inv.inv_id = '2001-12-03-4'";

        /* send the statement to query() for processing */
        $qid = query($the_sql);
        $rows = pg_numrows($qid);
        //echo "Number of rows: $rows";

        /* each row in the result will be packaged as an
        object and put in an array */
        $out_string = "";
        /* start building the string */
        $out_string .= "<tr>";

        for($i = 0; $i < $rows; $i++) {
        //echo "I: $i\n";
        $dbvalue =  pg_fetch_object($qid, $i);
/******************* Problem is on the next line **********************/
                $id = $dbvalue->at_id;

        $out_string .= "</td></tr>";

Problem is $id is never set to anything.  I have 3 tables linked together 
and to find the value of inv.at_id and I can't get the pg_fetch_object to 
return my value.  This query works via the command line, so it's not the 
query.  I've tried doing $dbvalue->inv.at_id as well and can't get it to 
return my value.

Any ideas?


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