i have to calculate the size of a remote url
i have written a php script but it returns only
the size of html page it doesnot include the images
size in that file could anyone help me in this regard

I have written PHP code that returns file size and
other properties regarding that file and i want to
know the images size in the index.html file could any 
one help in this regard


function date_str($timestamp) {
   $date_str = getdate($timestamp);
   $year = $date_str["year"];
   $mon = $date_str["mon"];
   $mday = $date_str["mday"];
   $hours = $date_str["hours"];
   $minutes = $date_str["minutes"];
   $seconds = $date_str["seconds"];
   return "$hours:$minutes:$seconds $mday/$mon/$year";

function file_info($file) {
   global $WINDIR;

   $file_info_array["filesize"] = 
                  number_format(filesize($file)) . " bytes.";
   $file_info_array["DownloadTime For 56K Modem"] = 
                  number_format(filesize($file)/56) . " secs."; 
   $file_info_array["DownloadTime For 150+ BroadBand"] = 
                  number_format(filesize($file)/150) . " secs.";     
   $file_info_array["filectime"] = date_str(filectime($file));
   $file_info_array["filemtime"] = date_str(filemtime($file));

   if(!isset($WINDIR)) {
      $file_info_array["fileatime"] = date_str(fileatime($file)) .
      $file_info_array["filegroup"] = filegroup($file);
      $file_info_array["fileowner"] = fileowner($file);
   //$file_info_array["filetype"] = filetype($file);
   return $file_info_array;

$filename = "./docs";
$file_info_array = file_info($filename);

echo "<center>Stats for $filename</center>";
foreach($file_info_array as $key=>$val) {
   echo ucfirst($key) . "=>". $val . "<br>";


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