hello again,
russ gave me a wonderful tip, but now i'm standing in front of the next
if i try to insert these values out of the array into the table of the db,
probably don't know the correct way.
this is how i tried it:
this works fine!
foreach($werbeform as $key=>$val) {
echo "<p><b>$key: </b>" . "$val</p>";

but this doesn't get the data into the db_table called 'werbe':
$anfrage_werbe=foreach($werbeform as $key=>$val) {
"INSERT INTO werbe (id_main,werbeform) VALUES ('$id','$val')";
can anybody tell me what i'm doing wrong?
the values of the checkboxes should be added to the db-table each as a new
line, e.g. not all into one field.

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I don't think you need to get into global variables unless you *really*
to. In this case it
sounds as if you don't.
OK so you have an array of checked values, so what's next? You wanna get
those variables outta that
array in your process script, and perform whatever it is you want (inserts,
updates etc) upon those
foreach($array as $key=>$val) {
echo "<p><b>$key: </b>" . "$val</p>";
This will echo the array's keys (labels, whatever) and their associated
values to the page. (just
so you can see what's going on)
You can now use these vars ($key and $val) to perform your DB inserts
updates etc.
I hope that was of use to you.

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001 12:14:01 +0100 es said <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi there,
> this time i've got another problem with my set of database-tables:
> i created a database (containing 6 tables) and some html-sheets for the
> and output. so far, so good.
> some values should be added to ONE of those tables table by checking
> checkboxes in a form.
> okay, the checked values of the checkboxes go into an array, which is
> to the processing php-sheet as globals, but furtheri don't get yet.
> can someone please help me?
> all thanx !!!
> cornelia
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