Hi to everybody,

first sorry for my poor english.

im trying to use persistents connections to an Oracle Database through PHP,
for manageing transactions, and have some problems.

My Schema:
* Web Server: Apache 1.3.20 on a Linux RedHat 7.0
* PHP: 4.0.6 compiled with oracle module functions (ora_*)
* Data Base: Oracle 8.0.5 on a Windows NT Server

I need to manage transactions to database. For it i made a test pages like

1 index paga that generate some frames and open a persistent connection to
the database
1 frame that made an insert to one table of the database
1 frame that made an insert to another table of the same databese
1 frama with 2 buttons, one for execute a Commit and another for execture a

Some times works well, but other times not work correctly...
What im doing wrong?
Can somebody help me?

Avanced thanks

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