You can use PHP to format the date:

or use MySQL: see DATE_FORMAT()


Vincent Beaulieu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi All,
> Does anyone have a quick and easy trick to convert dates from a MySQL
> database from English to French? I have a Calendar that uses PHP and
> wonderfully in English...having trouble converting the
> dates to a French format though.
> Are there built-in MySQL or PHP functions that would allow easy
> conversion of the dates to French for on-screen viewing??? I don't care
> about the database content at all, only about the content displayed on
> the screen during calendar viewing. I have looked all over and the only
> solution seems to be to re-write a lot of my code to incorporate the
> French formats. I'm hoping to not have to do much to implement the
> French side of this project....if possible! Is this possible?
> Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
> Vincent

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