This is custom error messaging. Julie Meloni has published a good tutorial 
on this, which you can find at  Have a look at that.

What you do is seek into your users table before creating an insert. Your 
form, as its action, calls itself, so you are passing your variables, 
including the kind of action you are triggering back to itself. So at the 
top you have some logic which tests

Insert or update?

If insert
      select * from usertable where username = '$username';
      if count of returned records > 0
           have an error condition, do something about it
           create an insert statement
           execute it
            set the success flag
blah blah

way down in the display section

if success
      welcome to the big user database
       show the rest of the form with the user's information
     Please find another username, the one you want is taken
     (Could suggest an alternative)
     show rest of form with user's information, maybe a red asterisk by 
offending field.

You already see I have a problem here as I'll end up writing the code to 
display form values 2x. So it needs a bit of a rethink.  Maybe  function to 
display the big red asterisk adjoining each field, thus it gets set 
automatically. Hmmm - maybe  the field should be an array, then error 
messages could be matched to form elements.

Hope you get the idea. This will really make sense in the context of the 
custom error messages tutorial at the thickbook  site.

Miles Thompson

At 11:40 PM 12/17/2001 +0100, nautilis wrote:
>Hi everybody!
>My problem is:
>I have a form to allow users in a website to register. My problem is that
>when someone registers a name that is alredy taken, mysql returns a
>'Duplicate entry 'username' for key 1.
>I just want to show a message to user telling that the username is in use by
>another user and prompting him to choose a new one.
>I am a newbie at php and mysql so any help will be greatly appreciated.
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