You are getting this result because you have all of those ORs in your
statement.  If any of them are true it will execute the query.  If location
finds a match ('$location' = location) it will execute the query regardless
of whether discipline was empty or simply did not match.  It is generally a
bad idea to use logic like this in a query if there are ambiguities.

You can get the results you are looking for by using the following query:

$sql = "SELECT * FROM vacancy WHERE '$related_discipline' LIKE
related_discipline and '$location' LIKE location ORDER BY ID LIMIT
$limitvalue1, $limit";

Then make the value of your first option (the one which indicates no
selection) in the html form = "%".

Now if a selection is made using both variables and the selection does not
find any relevant rows you will get an empty result.


> Hi group,
> I am still getting to grips with PHP and MySQL and have a question that
hopefully someone can easily answer:
> I have a search page which consists of two drop down menus, the user has 3
ways of finding information.
> The first is by selecting a location and a discipline which would look in
the database and return any entries with the data in the two seperate
> The second is where they can select the location only, and this will
return all entries with that location
> The third is where they can select the discipline only, and again this
will return all entries with that discipline.
> The problem I have is when the user selects the location and a discipline
which should return no results as it is not an exact match it is returning
results as it contains part of the information.
> My sql query is as follows: $sql = "SELECT * FROM vacancy WHERE
('$related_discipline' = related_discipline and '$location' = location) or
('$related_discipline' = related_discipline) or ('$location' = location)
ORDER BY ID LIMIT $limitvalue1, $limit";
> Could someone tell me what I need to change?
> Again help is always appreciated.

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