I've looked around in a few of the PHP lists for an answer to this, but
can't come up with one.

Here's what I am doing:

I have a form with a few checkboxes.

When the information as to whether the checkboxes are checked or not is
'saved' into the MySQL table, they are represented by a value of '1' - fine.

When I want to edit this information, in the form of a similar form with
checkboxes, the boxes are not checked off if they were before.

What I am stuck on is how a checkbox can get checked off when pulling
information from the MySQL as an array.

Here's a line of code showing my array coming out.

<input type=checkbox name=firstvalue value='$result[32]'>

$result is the array.

I guess what I am asking is that if a checkbox is assigned a value of one,
why doesn't it appear as already checked off?



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