Hi to all...please can you help me ...because i cant retrieve any row
of the database on MS SQL Server 7 with ODBC . i did use Openlink
driver on a Solaris 6 machine (Sparc) , the database are on WIN NT4.0

my code is.

/* some environment variables, you can test to comment them out to see
if things
 * still work.
putenv("DebugFile=/tmp/udbc.out");      // debug trace output

$dsn="NT";      // note 'DSN=' is required

$sql="select * from frases ";

$connect_odbc=odbc_connect($dsn,"shark","shark",SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC) or
de connexion au serveur");
    if (!odbc_autocommit($connect_odbc, TRUE)) {
        echo 'pb auto_commit';
    // selection avant
    $Req_hebd = "select * from frases  ";
    echo $Req_hebd .'<br>';

    if (!($Res_hebd=odbc_prepare($connect_odbc,$Req_hebd))) {
        echo 'pb prepare';
    if (!odbc_execute($Res_hebd)) {
        echo 'pb execute';
    if (!($res=odbc_result_all($Res_hebd))) {
        echo 'pb result_all';

this code reply "NO ROWS FOUND" , the connection are OK...the databse
have many rows(of course)..

Thank's a lot.


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