What was the error message you received?  Also, when passing the variables
to the mssql_connect() function, you need not use quotes since you've
already initialized them to the strings.  Pass them as follows:  $connection
= mssql_connect($a,$b,$c).  Also, you aren't passing the actual sql string
to the mssql_query() function.  You have $sql = "blah" but you pass

"Jerry" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi
> I have PHP on windows 2000 web server
> I would like to remote to a MS SQL database on another web server.
> I tried something like:
> <?php
> $h = "server adr";
> $u = "user";
> $p = "passw";
> $b = "db";
> $connexion = mssql_connect("$h", "$u", "$p");
> mssql_select_db($b);
> $sql = "select * from test";
> $result = mssql_query($sql_temp);
> mssql_close($connexion);
> ?>
> But it didn't work. Please help me.
> Jerry

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