To help with that we'd have to know how your queries are phrased. Please 
show us.

Are you having to do a type conversion on the tinyint field?

Miles Thompson

At 02:07 AM 12/26/2001 +0100, Andy wrote:
>Hi there,
>I have a huge table with over 2 million entries. It takes to long to make a
>querry. No I am thinking about the datatypes. Maybe there is a better way. I
>have already indexed the search fields ( which made the table 75 MB big!!!)
>My table looks like that:
>field1 : varchar100
>field2 : char2
>field3 : tinyint2
>I have an index on field 2 and 3
>The SQL Querry is searching for: field 2 AND field 3
>Does anybody have an Idea how to spead this up?
>Thanx in advance,
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