That's a rather large file. It looks like execution time is under the 
control of your ISP, so you don't have the option of increasing it. So 
chunk your table. Assuming it is stored locally at present, break it into 
into chunks, and move and each chunk, eliminating the table creation code 
from the text created by mysqldump after you have imported the first chunk.

Have you console, i.e telnet or SSH access to the web server? You could ftp 
the whole thing to whatever directory you have access to, then execute 
"mysql  database_name < name_of_mysql_dump_file". Or get your ISP to 
execute that command. 75 MB is a  rather large file

Cheers, and as before, Merry Christmas - Miles Thompson

At 11:59 AM 12/26/2001 +0100, Andy wrote:
>Hi guys,
>I have a table with over 2million entries. In order to upload this table to
>my providers db I use mysqladmin to export this table as txt file.
>Unfortunatelly I get following errormsg:
><b>Fatal error</b>:  Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in
>on line <b>27</b><br>
>Does anybody know how to get this huge table transfered to my providers
>Thanx in advance,
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