You must be an extremely intelligent person, almost literary quoting my
answer, and then pinpointing down things I already pointed out! Moron...

>From: Thomas "omega" Henning
>Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2001 8:50 AM
>Subject: Re: [PHP-WIN] MSSQL connect
>$h = "server adr"; //don't forget 2 change this
>$u = "user"; //don't forget 2 chage this
>$p = "passw"; //don't forget 2 change this
>$b = "db"; //don't forget 2 change this
>$connexion = mssql_connect("$h", "$u", "$p");
> Why do you uses quotes here?
>$sql_temp = "select * from test";
>$result = mssql_query("$sql_temp");
>//                      ^^^^^^^^^^
>Here is the problem $sql != $sql_temp
>so the $result = NULL; because mssql_query(" ") has no query 
>to send to the MsSQL server.
>This should work try it out!!!
>Thomas "omega" Henning

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