Hi There ..

I used to be running php before on windows xp iis 5.1. Everything worked
It was installed by copying the php_mssql70.dll to the system folder and
uncommenting this in the php.ini file.

Now i have downloaded the new version and tryed to install it and get it
configured but im having so many problems. Firstly theres no php_mssql70.dll
file ? .. theres only a php_mssql.dll file. Has this file replaced the old
one ? ..

I tryed doing the exact same thing i did to the php_mssql70.dll to the
php_mssql.dll but ive got no where. It dont seem to work.

Is there someone out there that has Php 4.10 installed and running it
connecting to a MSSQL database ? ..


Please help ....

J !

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