Please note, that this is a very insecure way of determining which page a
person gets to view.  All they would have to do is enter the admin.php url
in the browser and they get admin access even if they are not admins.


Matt Stewart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Can't find the right instructions on, basically, i want a page
> someone logs in, and then according to the database entry for them, either
> they are an admin user or a normal user, and it should then send them to a
> page depending on which they are.
> I've accessed the db ok, and checked which they are, then i've used
> if ($myrow[Admin] == "Y"){
> print "Location:admin.php";
> }else{
> print "Location:user.php";
> )
> this doesn't sem to work - just gives a blank screen with the standard
> headers and footers, rather than the desired location page.
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