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"Gary Smith" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hiya, I'm writing a backend in MySQL with a PHP frontend. One of the PHP
> pages searches the database. The user can enter as many or as few fields
> they like. I then search the database using this code:
> $result = mysql_query("select * from equipment where
> and (description like '$description') and (roomloc='$roomloc') and
> (quantity like '$quantity') and (serialno like '$serialno') and (patdue
> like '$patdue')",$db);
> Messy, I know. The category and roomloc are <option>s and therefore are
> definite. However, if the user enters nothing for the other fields, they
> get given no results. If I set the default value of each field to % in the
> page that calls this, then it works fine.
> It's just not what I'd like to do - have the user clear out % from each
> field before putting their data in. Is there an easy way to code "if the
> field is blank, send %, else send the users entry" or just putting %
> whatever is sent? (this shouldn't mess up what's being entered, surely?)
> Thanks for any help.
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