Your query looks fine, except that it should be xp_sings.songs_id. What you 
are trying to resolve is a many to many relationship where many artists can 
sing the same song, hence you have created the table xp_sings. This is also 
known as a pivot table.

What problem are you having?

Have you echoed your SQL statement? Tried it at the console?

Miles Thompson

At 01:40 PM 1/7/2002 +1300, Barry Rumsey wrote:
>I have three tables set out below:
>xp_artist: artist_id , artist _name
>xp_sings: artist_id , songs_id
>xp_songs: songs_id , song_name , lyrics
>I can not figure out how to query and return the results for a  query like:
>"select song_name FROM xp_artist,xp_sings,xp_songs WHERE 
>xp_artist.artist_id = xp_sings.artist_id AND xp_sings.song_id = 
>xp_songs.songs_id AND artist_name LIKE 'b%'";

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