Dave Carrera wrote:
> Hi All
> I think i saw a php script somewhere on my web travels, that allows you to
> include
> sub domain reg to your web site.
> it allowed you to offer
> http://yourname.choiceofdomainname.com
> so the visitor can have thier name in front of a domain name reged to our
> webspace.
> If i remeber right, it had a mysql db in the background.
> Is this kind of thing available or did i dream it.

That is plain easy and has nothing to do with PHP. Just add a
*.choiceofdomainname.com entry to your DNS records pointing to the same
IP as www.choiceofdomainname.com . Then also add virtual domain entries
for www and * to Apache configuration.  In your site, you can always
check each domain is being accessed by checking the environment

Manuel Lemos

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