I'm attempting to pull about 300 rows from a mysql database, (all rows in 
the table).
I can pull the first 10, the first 20, the first 30, no problem.  (using 
LIMIT (start), (10|20|30)... in the SQL statement)

But if I attempt to pull all of them (no LIMIT clause), or even the first 
(x) where (x) is much more than 30, using a simple while 
(mysql_fetch_row($sql,$db))... construction, IE just idles, tells me it is 
loading the page, and never displays anything.   When I press "STOP", I 
have a hung PHP process in my Task Manager, which I cannot kill!

Does anyone know what could cause this behaviour?  It seems so simple, what 
I'm trying to do, that I'm going insane.
Very frustrated.

Please, someone help a poor newbie out!

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