If this is targetted at the Windows platform, why not use Windows own help 
engine ... htmlhelp, or something like that?
If it's headed for the web, apologies.
Miles Thompson

At 04:17 PM 1/7/2002 +0000, Keith Hughes wrote:
>Completely new at this, so don't be too harsh.
>I'm trying to create a help file system for a programme (much like the help
>files that you get with macromedia flash).
>All the help files will be in HTML format and will be in an access database.
>I need to search through the database with a search engine, and I assumed
>that the best way to do this would be to use a combination of SQL and PHP.
>Unfortunately I'm very very new to both. I have a basic grasp of SQL but
>hardly any for PHP.
>Could anybody give me any tips on how to get started or a link to any good
>Thanks for any help
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