I've got problem with working  php 4.1.0 under apache 13.20  with Sybase
I installed Sybase ASE 11.0.3 with Open Client Lib and developt part and
compiled php 4.1. with sybase support ( FreeBSD 4.4) as a apache module and
usual executable file.
# ./configure --with-sybase=/usr/home/sybase --with-apxs
php works with sybase  greatfully if  I execute ordinary php file with

& etc.
But then I execute test php page - I've got error - just the same if I lose
sybase interfaces file or use wrong line in php.ini. But really - it's OK.
I've got in my php.ini
and php works - then executs not from apache.

apache  is located in /usr/local.

shows sybase support in php module( libphp4.so).

So, I've got serious problem!!

If someone can help me,  please, write me without
any hesitate.


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