Hello all,
        I'm trying to recompile PHP, I downloaded V4.1.1 and wanted to move from 
my old 4.0.6 to it.

I have a RH 6.2, btw. I had mysql.so, oci8.so and a couple more libraries. I think I 
had downloaded them from rpmfind or similar site. How do I recompile them to work 
with PHP 4.1?

I tried building PHP --with-mysql as a configure option and mysql gets compiled 
inside php, but I wanted it as a library.
I am compiling php as a loadable module for apache, BTW, but I will be using it as a 
CGI too.

Thank you,

Andrea Trasatti
Bware Technologies s.r.l.
via San Gregorio, 3
Tel. +39 02 2779181
Fax  +39 02 27791828
Cell +39 335 7866749
WWW  http://www.bware.it

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