Hello, all!

I have the daunting task of porting an Access database to 
MySQL. It's unbeliveably poorly designed, and columns
id, name, issn, year, info, volume, numbers and remarks.
I made another table, names, that's got columns id and name.

I used 

INSERT INTO names (name) SELECT DISTINCT mag_table.name FROM mag_table

to get, as one would expect, the distinct magazine names into the names-
table. Now, what I'd want to do, is to replace the names in mag_table
with the id-numbers from the names table, but I can't figure out how
to do it. I tried 

UPDATE mag_table SET name=names.id WHERE name=names.name

but MySQL tells me the following :

ERROR 1109: Unknown table 'names' in where clause

I haven't go perror to work at all, it just says Unknown error.

Has anyone ever done anything like this, and, if so, how?
I was thinking about a PHP-script, but if someone has got
a query that would take care of this I wouldn't have to get into


Markus Lervik
Linux-administrator with a kungfoo grip
Vaasa City Library - Regional Library
+358-6-325 3589 / +358-40-832 6709

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