I can't see where you've created $topictest.
Maybe, just before you define $queyr2, you should have the line

$topictest = $row[ "topcitext"];

I also think xp_stories_topicid should be xp_stories.topicid

Try echo 'ing $query2 and see what is printed.

Hope this helps, and that I've not missed something else.

Miles Thompson

At 02:05 AM 1/11/2002 +1300, Barry Rumsey wrote:
>I'm trying to do the following query:
>$db_connect = mysql_connect($sqlhostname,$login,$password);
>$base_selection = mysql_select_db($base,$db_connect);
>$query = "SELECT DISTINCT * FROM xp_topics WHERE artist_count='artist' AND 
>topictext LIKE
>           'A%' ORDER BY artist_count ASC limit 0,5"; $req = 
> mysql_query($query);
>           $res = mysql_num_rows($req); if ($res == 0)
>      { echo "</p>
>           <p><b>N/A</b>";} else { while($row = mysql_fetch_array($req))
>$query2 = "SELECT SUM(1) FROM xp_stories,xp_topics WHERE xp_topics.topicid 
>= xp_stories_topicid AND xp_topics.topictext = '$topictest'";
>$numtopic = mysql_query($query2) or die("Select Failed!");
>$numtopic = mysql_fetch_array($numtopic);
>             { extract($row); echo ("$topictext $numtopic[0]<br>
>             "); } }
>    ?>
>Which should return a name and then count how many topics by that person.
>If I leave out the query2 statement I do get a list of name, but I can't 
>get query2 to work.

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