On Thursday 10 January 2002 21:28, HiM wrote:

> I am sorry that last message haven't give the URL...:(
> http://nori.dns2go.com:8080/phpnuke/html/admin.php
> http://nori.dns2go.com:8080/phpgroupware/setup/config.php
> I was trying to use to phpnuke system and also the phpgroupware.
> I have followed the instruction listed in INSTALL step by step.
> But I don't know why there's so many error even in phpnuke / phpgroupware
> I am using Windows2000 server and apache, php 4.1.1 and mysql 3.23

The recommended php.ini settings for php 4.1.1 are more secure than previous 
versions BUT will break a lot of the existing PHP applications. Either change 
the php.ini settings to match those of an earlier version of PHP (eg 4.0.6) 
or wait until the author of the apps in question upgrade them to make it 
compatible with 4.1.1(!)

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