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At 09:09 AM 1/12/2002 +1300, Barry Rumsey wrote:
>Two questions:
>1) If I have a url in the db that points to a image , how do I get php to 
>get this image and display it ?

Check the <IMG> tag in an HTML reference

>2) I have 4 tables in the db and would like to know of a good tutorial on 
>inserting to multiple tables form a single form.

There are many tutorials, the one I most frequently recommend is by Julie 
Meloni at  pick the one on custom error messages 
as she develops it very nicely.

As for the inserts, in the "processing" part of the script, you'll know 
what I mean when you examine the tutorial, execute an INSERT for the data 
you want to insert in each of the tables. INSERT acts on one table at a 
time, so you'll have four of them.

That should get you going - Miles Thompson

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