Thanks for your response.  When I use SQL*Plus, I get full date+time.  I also get a 
full datetime from cx_Oracle (a
Python module).  Is this then a default _PHP_ behavior when querying an Oracle db?  
Why not return the full info?
Ordinarily, I would not complain about the small rewrite you suggest, but my 
application is an SQL query window in the
browser, aimed at users who are not SQL enthusiasts.

Thanks again,


"Ford, Mike [LSS]" wrote:

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> > Oracle DATEs are retrieved (by ora_fetch_into($cursor, $row,
> > ORA_FETCHINTO_NULLS), for example) as plain dates (e.g., '26-DEC-01'),
> > losing the time of day (as in '26-DEC-01 12:34:56').  Is this
> > a bug?
> No, this is the default ORACLE format for retrieved dates.
> >  Is
> > there a workaround that doesn't involve rewriting the query?
> No, but modifying the query to use a date format is actually the best solution.  
>This would give you something like:
> Look up the definition of the TO_CHAR function for the full list of format elements 
>available for formatting DATEs.
> Cheers!
> Mike
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