Raquel Rice has already answered your question, I'd suggest looking up some 
basic tutorials on relational databases. This one is pretty 

A  good database design is important because it's the foundation of all the 
rest of your work, and you can use the power of SQL to eliminate a lot of 
processing loops you would otherwise have to write, whether in PHP or some 
other language.

Char vs varchar? It probably doesn't matter, although I prefer to get my 
field lengths as close to the length of my data as possible, and I suspect 
that there has to be some processing overhead with a varchar type. Having 
said that a MySQL expert will probably read the post and say "Huh, he 
doesn't know what he's talking about. MySQL stores all chars as varchars."

Welcome to the club and have fun - Miles Thompson

At 03:02 PM 1/11/2002 -0800, Jerry Leonard wrote:
>I am really new to MySQL and am wondering this:
>I understand how to make a database and tables but what I don't understand
>is when to make a row an "int" with auto_increment or just a plain "int".
>Or why would you use varchar(50) instead of char(50).
>Could someone please explain what is happening and why?
>Thank you
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