Howdy DL & Jason,

I didn't see your response Jason until DL cc'd me this note.  Sorry I
didn't check back to follow-up on the newsgroup..  I thought I had the
answer (well I had one, but not quite the right one)..

Dl Neil wrote:

> Sorry, I haven't been keeping close track of the list - fortunately
you have solved your problem.

Hey, you've responded better & faster than many
[EMAIL PROTECTED] groups that I've delt with.

> However you do not appear to have taken on-board Jason's comment.
His/our concern would be that there are two
> mechanisms for extracting the results of the query from the MySQL
resultset: DBfetch_array() which is presumably
> a local wrapper, and (later in the code) a 'native' call to
mysql_fetch_array(). These two were both present
> before the switch from WHILE to DO...WHILE. Well done for spotting the

I had missed the wrapper when I was playing with the code..  I use a
number of different PHP/MySQL interfaces and it is always a bit of a
jump to remember how program X connects with MySQL (as the wrappers are
all different)..

> I too have built myself 'wrapper' routines to handle db queries and
both the subsequent extraction and loop
> control. They looks like:
> Fetch( $dbConnection, $NumRows, etc, $ResultSet )
> while ( TheresAnotherRowToScan( $RowList, $ResultSet ) )
>    {  etc
> [in fact, I stole the arg lists from the routines themselves - the
language used in the calling routines is much
> more topical/self-documenting]

I haven't and don't plan to develop my own wrappers.  I'd much rather
use ones like those developed for phplib..  

> =Thus there is no need for the 'double' resultset extractions...

Yes..  Not a good idea at the best of times..


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