Just contain a table within another table and adjust the 'cellspadding' and
'cellspacing' and bgcolors to get the desired effect:

<!--a table within another table to create a pretty little box-->
<table bgcolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1">
    <!--begin inner table-->
     <table bgcolor="ffffff" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="0">
           <td align="center" bgcolor="grey">
            I'm a table within another table!
    <!--end inner table-->

Pate this into an editor and play around with it.


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Subject: [PHP-DB] How are site layout blocks made

I'll ask this question again but in a different way.
In these php news portals like phpnuke, myphpnuke, they lay their site out
in these so called blocks.I'm looking for information on how these blocks
are made, are they done in php or html and where can I find more information
on this.

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