This is properly a simple question but I can't figure it out.

=please don't ask im-proper questions, this is a family environment!!!

Lets say I've got there tables: table1(art_id,artist), table2(song_id,art_id,song),
What I'm trying to do is get 1 image displayed with the songs on that album displayed 
next to it. All I can get
is 1image,1 song or 1 image per song (20 songs = 20 images).

=insufficient information. One (or a fourth) table will need to be populated with 
"album" data.

=Have I misunderstood? Perhaps you could clarify your question with the code that you 
have already attempted for
yourself (regardless of the fact that it isn't (yet) working), and maybe a 
demonstration of how you would like
the result to appear from a set of sample data.

=As you say, it is probably quite simple. If you haven't RTFM, then try throwing 
"join" at the manual's search
facility. Most of the examples show two-table joins, but a three-table join can be set 
up by extending the WHERE
clause to relate two-pairs of tables (and so on...) joined by an AND.


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